Sarai Xtrand is a beautiful actress and model in St. Louis that can do it all. She is breathtaking to see in person and can play Wonder Woman to a Chemist with precision. She’s a semi-pro dancer and a lover of everything Cosplay.

Smart, beautiful and kind, she has been spotted doing random acts of kindness like seeing patients at Children’s Hospital dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Sarai will be starring in Local Ambition Season 8 created by @alwayslatetv, a film production company in St. Louis. It will Air on Youtoo America TV in 2020.

Director: Kevin Edwards
Producers: Dearra Johnson & Brandy Palmer
Writers: Kevin Edwards & Brandy Palmer
Photographer: Brad Prime
Cinematographer: Kaleb Helle

Sarai Xtrand: Resident Model @stlouisphotoauthority, Instagram

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