Event photography at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund happens often and it is such an honor for photographers, professional and amateurs alike. All anyone needs is a cellphone with some kind of flash to get great photos. The bigger cameras are not really necessary anymore with today’s technology.

Event video created by CraigCurriePhotography.com for FashionTrends247.com

Q: Then why do photographers like myself have the bigger cameras?
A: You actually don’t as long as you have friend with a smart phone who will act as the designated photographer for the event.

There were so many pictures taken at this event with cell phones that were so much better than mine. The lines between phones and the bigger cameras are getting blurred to a point where I can’t tell the difference anymore.

I did an experiment that I posted on YouTube video showing a picture of a restaurant from a $250 camera vs a $1000 full frame camera during the day. Spoiler Alert – there wasn’t any difference.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund is a non-profit located in the historic Garment District neighborhood on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The event was a local fashion design competition called Fashion Anarchy produced by Dwight Carter of BrainchildEvents.com. The show was seamless and so much fun.

These are a few sample photos of the event below that were were taken with flash.

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