Angad Arts Hotel was photographed on a tripod on a romantic cold-and-rainy night on November 1st, 2018. It was opening night for the luxury hotel located in the Grand Center Arts District, the entertainment hub in Midtown St. Louis.

Over 2000 photos were taken that were all strung together for a timelapse video that featured a 12th-floor aerial view of Grand Center and Downtown St. Louis.

Steve Smith, co-developer, revived the vacant and former Missouri Theater building that closed in December of 1957. Built in 1921, this is where the Rockettes got their start and big names like Elvis Presley performed.

I love art and the Angad Arts Hotel is cutting edge. The artwork raises the bar and turns everyday things into something that excites us, prompts us to ask questions or  just makes us smile.  Bravo!

“What is art, but seeing the world in a different way….

And what is life,
but a series of experiences connected together.”

– Angad Paul

Angad Arts Hotel
3550 Samuel Shepard Dr
St. Louis, MO 63103

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