Tunica, MS -June 21. 2018: For taking photos of the casinos in Tunica I used exclusively the Rokinon 14mm F2.8 lens. Tunica is well known for its beautifully lighted gambling casinos, but I had to set the camera to Bracketing Mode so I could get multiples exposures due to the extreme lighting contrast.

For example, I did one exposure for the bright signs, one for the sky and one for the buildings.  I did this so I could later combine them in Photoshop.

Most editing software will automatically combine multiple exposures and is not exclusive to only Photoshop but it happens to be the one I use.

I like the crazy perspectives from the Rokinon 14mm. For instance, most extremely wide angle lenses no matter what the cost have barrel distortion (leaning buildings) and vignetting (darkened edges) that can be fixed in Photoshop or Lightroom.

I, however, most of the time just leave the anomalies as they are; i just think there are kind of cool.

I recommend this lens since you can get under under $300 for the Sony E-mount cameras. I think right now it’s actually the cheapest 14mm F2.8 full frame E-mount on the market  You can price it and read more reviews at Amazon.com

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