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Karlie Kloss from Bravo TV’s Project Runway visited Saint Louis during her Hometown Tour. We all followed her from the Saint Louis Fashion Fund to The Last Hotel STL on Washington Blvd. which represents the exact section of the proposed Karlie Kloss Way.

Karlie and her group were all inspiring. She had so many good things to say about the Saint Louis Fashion Fund, a fashion design incubator founded by Susan Sherman and few others in 2014. While being interviewed by Jenna Barns from KSDK Channel 5, Karlie said:

Great ideas and great designers come from everywhere and it’s so important to have communities and opportunities like what you have here at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund to incubate and support that talent, to be able to go global. There are designers here who are working globally and I think that is such an amazing message. We live in a global world and the kind of resources and opportunities that communities like St. Louis can support shows that you can be in place like St Louis and be a part of the global fashion scene.

by Karlie Kloss at SLFF during Hometown Tour in St. Louis

I wanted to say hi to Jenna Barns and Bob (the awesome camera guy) from KSDK Channel 5. They were so down to earth. Susan Sherman and Jenna were sitting down talking to each other and seemed to hit it off right off the bat.

Susan loved Jenna’s look and said to her, “Well, you look like a million bucks. I am sure they told you you were a doll.” Susan got up from her chair and while gracefully walking away smiled and added, “We’re going to adopt you! We love you!”

What a nice thing to say, I thought. And coming from Susan, our own Anna Wintour of Saint Louis, that was the ultimate compliment.

The entire night from the SLFF to The Last Hotel went like clockwork. Contemporary Productions was the company in charge of everything from the guest lists to the lights shining on the Karlie Team during the interviews. Amanda and her crew from Contemporary Productions made sure the entire show went by the numbers and they did not disappoint: not one mic went out, the lighting was a photographers dream and the acoustics were perfect. Contemporary Productions is the one to call on in St. Louis for events big and small.

It was nice to see Karlie Kloss and her team visit. Christian mentioned in the interview that he is moving to St. Louis in 2020. I wonder if Karlie is ever coming home. We all have a deep desire to come home now and then. Do we ever shake it? As Judy Garland puts it, “There’s no place like Home.”

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