The Loop Trolley is a 2.2-mile fixed-route electric trolley that travels through  University City and St. Louis linking The Loop to Forest Park.

The last street car that ran through The Loop was back in 1966. Delmar Loop Developer, Joe Edwards, started the endeavor to bring back cable cars to the Loop in 1997. Twenty years later, Joe’s dream and hard work became a reality.

Two of the Street Cars marked 001 and 002 are 1903 replicas that came from Portland, Oregon.  There is a 1920 model from Australia as well.

The Name….THE LOOP?
The name Delmar Loop was coined over one-hundred years ago due to the need for the trolleys to loop around before connecting to other areas.

The Loop is filled with historic buildings contrasted with a few new ones as well. It’s old mixed with a dash of new, something you see in futuristic Sci Fi movies.

My hashtags for The Delmar Loop: High-end, upscale, locally owned businesses, dive joints, eclectic, fun, urban life, street cars, city lights, historic area, blast from the past….

Official site:
Official site:

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