Artistic Street Photography is fun, and the best part is that ‘there are no rules’ to follow.  From long exposures with light trails to adding your own background, anything goes with this genre.

It’s a no judgement zone – so to speak. Blurry subjects, lens flares or just bad pictures in general are all welcome in this melting pot of photo art.

The video includes photos from New Orleans and some from the city of Paducah, a small quaint town in the Midwest.

I hope the video and photos inspires someone out there. I remember my first time when I saw a long exposures and ridiculously overly processed images for the first time; it inspired me to try and create my own works.

The camera used was the A7 Sony full-frame with the 24-70mm F3.5 Sony kit lens and the Rokinon 14mm  F2.8 wide angle lens.


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